— Project Overview

The Headland Solar Project is an approximately 200-megawatt solar farm proposed by Ranger Power in Livingston County.

The photovoltaic panels used in the Headland Solar Project will be surrounded by prairie grasses and pollinators compatible with grazing and beekeeping. Rows will be separated by 15-25 feet, wide enough to drive a vehicle between.

The project, located on the open, vacant, land of private landowners who have chosen to participate in the project, is designed to prevent glare and to minimize sound. The location is ideal due to its proximity to large load centers such as Saginaw, Flint, and Lansing.

Solar energy provides local farmers with a stable source of income during times of volatile input prices while protecting their land for future generations. The project will be located primarily on fields and vacant land. At the end of the project life, the project will be decommissioned, and the land will be available for future agricultural use.

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