— Economic Impact

The Headland Solar Project will provide long-term economic benefits for the residents of Livingston County.

Headland Solar is expected to generate over $18 million in new tax revenue for the local community over the project’s lifetime—providing critical funding for local schools, libraries, fire and police services, roads, community services, and more.

In the first twenty five years, Headland Solar anticipates generating over $10.8 million for the local schools* and over $1.6 million for local police and fire services.

In addition to generating more tax revenue for the local community, Headland Solar will:

Bring over 250 jobs to the area, including locally sourced construction jobs and additional jobs for ongoing operations and maintenance after the project’s completion.**

Provide a stable source of income to farmers and landowners through leased land payments – providing income that can be used to stabilize or expand existing farming operations, make purchases at local shops and restaurants, pay bills or buy new equipment.
Support the local ecosystem with native vegetation and pollinator habitat, increasing neighboring farmers’ crop yields, reducing runoff, and pumping nutrients back into the soil as it lies fallow.

Create multiple long-term jobs during the operations phase of the project.

*This projection includes payments toward school debt
**This information is based on a preliminary project economic impact assessment and is subject to change.

At the end of project life, facilities will be removed, and the land will be available for future agricultural use.

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